Updating syntax files

Ultraviolet stores syntax files under the syntax directory. Syntax files can be directly converted from Textmate format using the plist2syntax script that gets installed with Textpow.

plist2syntax $BUNDLE_DIR/Java.tmbundle/Syntaxes/Java.plist
mv java.yaml syntax/java.syntax

Updating theme files

Currently only XHTML is "officially" supported by ultraviolet, nevertheless, experimental latex output support already exists and other output formats can be included in the future. This is important because theme conversion is format dependent. For xhmtl, the command is theme2xhtmlrender as shown in the following example.

theme2xhtmlrender $THEME_DIR/Amy.tmTheme

For latex, the command theme2latexrender is used instead.

theme2latexrender $THEME_DIR/Amy.tmTheme